Resources for “Ethics in Action”

We encourage academic and other institutions everywhere to use Global Ethics Day to hold programs focusing on ethics, such as lectures, film screenings, debates, panel discussions, or activities to protect the environment.

We welcome your ideas. We’ll be listing them on the Global Ethics Day 2018 page.

In the tradition of a “teach-in” model, these events will be run by each institution as it sees fit, while being part of a worldwide Global Ethics Day. Popular topics include ethics in business, the environment, ethics in the classroom, personal values, democracy, and human rights.

PLEASE remember to post photos on Instagram, Facebook, and Carnegie Council’s Global Ethics Network with the hashtag #globalethicsday2018. You can also submit them to us directly here.

Ideas & Activities

Global Ethics Day participants in recent years have included educational institutions such as universities, colleges, military academies, medical schools, and business schools; business associations; and ethics groups and networks.

Activities have included:

  • Lectures, debates, and symposia
  • Film screenings followed by discussions
  • Ethics film festival
  • Tree-planting
  • Environmental clean-up
  • Tables set up in a supermarket to educate the public about caring for the environment
  • Creation of videos focusing on an ethical question or dilemma
  • Creation of posters, where participants were asked to write their thoughts on various ethical issues
  • Newspaper and web articles
  • Radio interview
  • Full-page newspaper ad
  • The burial of a time capsule to be dug up on a future Global Ethics Day
  • Speaking out against contract cheating by students (the International Day of Action Against Contract Cheating also takes place in October)

Some general themes for discussion:

  • Is there such a thing as a global ethic, i.e. a set of universal values? If so, what are these values?
  • What is the most pressing ethical challenge facing the world today?
  • How do different systems of ethics compare with each other?
  • What is ethical leadership?
  • Personal values: What do ethics mean to you?
  • Climate change and sustainability
  • Human rights
  • Inequality
  • The growing crises in democracies and the rise of authoritarian regimes
  • Ending hunger
  • Ethics in war
  • Ethical issues raised by artificial intelligence (AI) and technology
  • Gender equality, the #MeToo movement, discrimination against LGBTQ people
  • How can we put an end to corruption?

Themes of ethics in business and the professions:

  • How to combat corruption
  • Ethical decision-making
  • How can businesses positively influence the world around them?
  • Professional ethics: going beyond risk management and compliance
  • How to prevent sexual harassment and harassment of minorities
  • Creating and promoting clear ethical guidelines
  • Creating and promoting ethics training modules
  • Medical ethics

Explore highlights of Global Ethics Day activities in 2017 and 2016.

Online Resources About Ethics

Carnegie Council has developed many useful resources for educators and students that can provide background information about ethics, and inspiration for Global Ethics Day events:

Global Ethics Day “Framing the Question,” Margaret Murphy, Artist-in-Residence, and students at Central Michigan University, October 2016
Global Ethics Day: Tree-planting at CRA-SP, São Paolo, Brazil
Chancellor College of the University of Malawi philosophy department panel discussion on “The golden rule; a guiding maxim for ethical development”
Global Ethics Day: Students at Bard College’s Center for Civic Engagement prepare for Global Ethics Day 2018


If you’d like, download and print these posters to use freely during your Global Ethics Day activities.


Here are Global Ethics Day logos you can download and use in your 2018 materials.

Global Ethics Day / Carnegie Council logo

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Global Ethics Day logo

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Global Ethics Day at Simon Fraser University, Canada
Global Ethics Day film screening at the Spiru Haret National College of Romania
Global Ethics Day “Framing the Question,” Margaret Murphy, Artist-in-Residence, and students at Central Michigan University, October 2016